School Programs

checkmark7Before School Program

Early drop-off before school starts at 7:00. The charge for this service is $2.00 per day, per student. Payment is due upon arrival. Program coordinator: Mrs. Pam Kay

checkmark7Creative Corner After School Program

Creative Corner is staffed by experienced teachers and provides professional care, supervision, recreation and enrichment activities for your child(ren). The program is open to Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8 students enrolled at St. Edward School for an additional fee.  CLICK HERE to find complete details of the After School program including fee schedule and times.   Program Director: Ms. Tracy Mortimer 

checkmark7Lunch Program

We are pleased to provide families with daily hot lunch service from Food Service Professionals (FSP.) FSP is a not-for-profit agency of the Archdiocese of Chicago, and delivers thousands of nutritious meals to schools and health-care facilities in the Chicago metropolitan area on a daily basis. Parents and students may choose from one of two meal selections each day ($2.75 per day). Milk options are available as well (50 cents). Reduced fares are also available.   Menus and order forms are sent home with each student one month in advance. For your convenience, we have attached an example menu; this is for reference only. Please contact St. Edward FSP Coordinator (Mrs. Debbie Cantafio) for information.

checkmark7Title I

The Title I Program provides eligible students with supplemental instructional program of essential knowledge and skills in a small group setting. The small groups meet outside the classroom. It is an excellent opportunity for qualified students to receive more individualized reading, writing and math instruction. Program moderated by Ms. Kasia Gielniewski.

checkmark7Speech Screening

Appropriate development of speech and language is critical to meaningful communications, be it listening, speaking, reading, or writing.   St. Edward School has made arrangements with the Chicago Public Schools to provide speech and language therapy on site.  These services are available for students Pre-K through 8th grade who have qualified as part of an individualized education plan.  Screenings are also provided at the school to help determine if students will qualify for ongoing services.  If you would like your child screened, please request a permission form at the office.

checkmark7Fun Lunch Days

On a monthly basis we provide a fun lunch option for the students including Hot Dog Day, Burger Day and  Pizza Day on a rotating basis. Order forms are distributed a few times a year. The teachers and especially the children look forward to this day each month. On these days there will be no FSP lunch provided. Program moderated by Ms. Cindy Rosasco and Mrs. Julie Andersen.

checkmark7New Family Welcome

Parent volunteers help new St. Ed’s families acclimate to our school. New families have many questions about what to expect the first year at St. Ed’s. This program helps address their concerns so the transition to our school is easier. Typically, there are a few informal gatherings in June and July for the  New Families. Additionally, there is a Welcome Ice Cream Social at the beginning of school that all New Families are encouraged to attend. Volunteers will keep in contact throughout the school year so the New Families know about the important events (Chalk Walk, Breakfast with Santa, Big Red Auction, etc.). Program moderated by School Board.

checkmark7Service Hours

St. Edward encourages and promotes service opportunities to strengthen the ideals of the Catholic faith and to nurture the values of generosity, empathy, humility and understanding. These projects include assisting at parish events and ministries as well as personal commitments to help others, determined by the students, their parents and teachers. To promote social awareness and outreach, students participate in activities such as food drives, needy gift projects, senior citizen projects and community programs.

checkmark7NUT Card Days

Certain days may be designated non-uniform days.  These days also include using a NUT (No Uniform Today) card.  Students are expected to dress appropriately even when not in uniform.  NUT cards are given throughout the year for volunteer and fundraising efforts.

checkmark7Mission Committee

The Mission Committee at St. Edward School organizes and facilitates fundraisers for the Missionary Childhood Association, as well as other various charitable endeavors such as the Students of Nsukka Nigeria.   These fundraisers include Advent and Lenten Mission Banks, Smencil Sales, and other forms of fundraising.   The students of St. Edward School have always been very generous with Mission contributions.  St. Edward School has ranked in the top five of all Archdiocesan schools in Mission fundraising for the past six school years. Program moderators: Mrs. Kathy Chun and Mr. David Chun.

checkmark7RTI (Respond to Intervention)

Intervention is a program to support differentiated instruction in the classroom, especially to students dealing with academic and/or behavior challenges and/or difficulties. Students that have an IEP or ICEP receive additional support that has been identified on an evaluation. This may include simple classroom/curriculum modifications or specific services such as Speech Therapy or Learning Support from outside sources provided through CPS. Teachers that have identified a struggling student in their classroom can contact the Intervention Team to help identify the best way to enhance their instruction. Program moderators: Mrs. Caitlin Sammon and Mrs. Sandy Holbach.