Sr. Shirley Stockus
Qualification-Mount Mary College with a double major in Elementary Education and English

I love teaching at St. Edward School because….

The students at the school are so eager to learn new things and are willing to work with children from many different backgrounds. I also appreciate working with a partner teacher.

Outside interests (fun facts):

I am a School Sister of Notre Dame (SSND). I enjoy singing and playing guitar. I sing and play at many SSND functions and for SSND family celebrations. I have been teaching for 50 years. I also enjoy gardening and have many indoor plants. 

Other involvement with the school:

Assistant Principal
Chair of the Prayer Committee

Special Class Schedules:
Art: Tuesday

Computer: Monday
Gym: Wednesday & Thursday
Library: Wednesday
Music: Thursday & Friday

Because Science and Social Studies contain a lot of new vocabulary and concepts, we concentrate on one subject at a time. We do Science for one half of each trimester and Social Studies for the other half of each trimester instead of trying to do both at the same time. We have found that we actually cover more material in a year that way, and it is easier for the children to handle. This year we will also be doing one “Inquiry Unit” in Science.

News about my classroom:

Inquiry-Based Units: The process of inquiring begins with gathering information and data through applying the human senses. The students are given a challenge, will define the task in their own words, and investigate to find answers. This kind of learning will help them realize that they are able to be responsible for their own learning.

Our unit on the Solar System will involve research by the students and many activities. We will chart the planets to scale, use models of the Earth and Moon to study eclipses, how the Earth revolves around the Sun, and the rotation of the Earth. Each student will choose a planet to investigate and will present the information to the class and make posters and/or a booklet on the planet. We will also study the many other objects found in space.

Resource websites:

Religion –

Science –

Social Studies –

Math –