Ms. Kelly Depa
Qualification-Dominican University - B.A. Early Childhood Eduation

I love teaching at St. Edward School because….

It is a very close knit school and church community. All of the faculty and staff are very friendly. I also enjoy seeing my students learn and grow throughout the school year. I was very fortunate to be a part of this community as a student, and now as a teacher!

Outside interests (fun facts):

Reading, knitting, Zumba, bike riding, cooking, baking, cake decorating, and spending time with my family & friends.  I am an alumni of St. Edward.

Other involvement with the school:

Big Red Auction, Advanced Ed Team and Music programs.

News about my classroom:

The Monday/Wednesday/Friday four year old part time preschool program has a curriculum for both Reading and Religion.  The Reading program, Happily Ever After, focuses on vocabulary, comprehension, print awareness, letter recognition, fine motor skills, shapes, colors, and many other pre-reading skills.  Each unit covers different fairytale stories in which the students listen to the story on the CD and look at the pictures through big books.  The students also have their own individual storybooks that they can follow along with as well as activity pages and games that focus on important concepts.  
The students also participate in learning about a new letter each week.  As we go through each week, the students bring in pictures that start with our letter of the week.  Every student shares their pictures with the whole group, and then each picture is displayed on our alphabet wall in the classroom. 
The Religion series, Stories of God’s Love, focuses on different religion stories each week through a big poster.  There are discussions and games that focus on each lesson.  Each story also features a leaflet that has an activity.  We also teach the students a selection of prayers throughout the school year.  
The Tuesday/Thursday three year old part time preschool program also uses the Religion curriculum listed above.  The three year olds are also being introduced to letters, numbers, shapes, colors, patterns, etc.  These students also participate in learning about the letter of the week.  Each week, a large outline of the letter is given to the students in order for them to decorate it with materials that start with that letter.  This activity is completed at home, brought back to school to share with their friends, and then hung up to be displayed in the classroom.  
Both the three and four year olds are also exposed to different technology components, such as, the computer, SMART Board, and IPad.  The students participate in many different educational lessons/activities, websites, and apps.  
Reference websites that are great Pre-Kindergarten resources

Recommended Ipad Apps:

– Super Why!

– JumpStart Preschool Magic of Learning

– Monkey Preschool Lunchbox