Mrs. Mary Ann Farinella

I love teaching at St. Edward School because….

I love children. Working with preschoolers never grows old because they are so honest and loving and have great energy. I have so much admiration for all the teachers that work here; some of them have taught my own children and have instilled in them such a great love of learning and also great work ethics. Sr. Marie Michelle is a wonderful leader and a unifying force; she makes us want to do our best every day. All together this creates an amazing team with a great atmosphere for everyone to work in and learn in.

Outside interests (fun facts):

Outside of school I love to walk, bike, swim and garden.  My husband and I have a love for second handing and bringing old things back to life. I also love spending time with my two girls, Mariette and Antonia.  They keep me young and we love to laugh together.

Other involvement with the school:

Ever since my first child started preschool at St. Edward in 1991 I have been involved here. I volunteered for various different activities as well as being a lunch mom for years before I became a teacher’s aide. I am proud to say that I have been a teacher’s aide for 12 consecutive years and have worked with three different teachers during that time. It is easy to showcase this school to prospective parents  and their children because of my own experience as a parent and as a teacher’s aide. This is a job I will never grow tired of and a I am thankful for every day.