Mrs. Cathy McGill,
Title-School Secretary/School Nurse

I love working at St. Edward School because….

every day offers a view of the past, the present and the future.  It’s a living tapestry of life. Everyday is different, offering new challenges, laughter and yes sometimes tears.  There is a tremendous sense of family, of coming together in happy times and sad times.

Outside interests (fun facts):

I come from a large family (8 children) so there is always somebody celebrating something. We now number 58 in the immediate family!  I also love to read, and really enjoy creative writing.  Look out you may end up in my story or poem some day! Love old movies, especially good cowboy films.  I mean have you seen John Wayne in action?  Be still my heart oh, oh I didn’t mean that!  Still looking for Andy and Barney in Mayberry. .

Other involvement with the school:

Five of my siblings, my husband and our three children are St. Edward graduates.  I was one of the founding members of SEPO. We ran fundraisers and dances and sold World’s Finest Chocolate by the carload. I was co-chair of the Anti-Crosstown committee from this area. We defeated it!  Had that expressway been built there would not be a St. Edward Parish, as we know it, today. The cloverleaf combining the Edens, Crosstown and Kennedy would have destroyed this area.  I wrote some terrific songs  for our community “actions”… Oh the good old days.

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