Mr. David Chun
Qualification-NEIU & Loyola University Chicago

I love teaching at St. Edward School because….

As an alum I have the chance to continue on the legacy of St. Edward School.

Outside interests (fun facts)…

I love Shakespeare and Poe. I also love baseball and hockey.

Other involvement at the school…

I am a parish usher and member of the school mission committee.

Specials Schedule


News about my classroom:

4th & 5th Grade English

English in 5th and 6th grade focuses on three major components: Parts of Speech, Sentence structure, and varying forms of writing.  Students will learn about the writing process as they create personal narratives, how-to articles, descriptions, persuasive paragraphs, and letters.  Students will also have the chance to become “editors” as they assist one another during the writing process.

As the students learn about the main parts of speech, they will work collaboratively in class on a variety of lessons.  Each group, or “team”, has the opportunity to earn extra credit on a unit test by participating in classwork and chalkboard work.  Unit test dates will be announced in advance, and every effort is made to ensure that the scheduled test does not conflict with tests in other classes.

5th Grade Reading

Students in 5th grade Reading will continue to develop comprehension skills such as sequence, cause & effect, generalizing, predicting, visualizing, compare & contrast, and summarizing.  We will read fiction and non-fiction selections that help reinforce these skills on a weekly basis.  As we transition to a new Reading series, we develop skills geared toward the Common Core as well as a Whole Language Arts curriculum.  Students will also receive spelling, vocabulary, and phonics instruction through the new reading series.  Finally, units on novels will be presented throughout the school year.

5th Grade Religion

 5th grade Religion focuses on types of prayer, elements of the liturgy, the sacraments, Christian morality, and the Liturgical seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent, Holy Week, and Easter.  Room 204 will also study and discuss a Bible passage each week, written in modern story form.  Finally, the students will study units on Character Education, Vocations, and Family Life.