Principal’s News – June 2017

Dear Parents,

How fortunate that we had such a mild winter which made it possible for us to say good-bye a few days earlier and have a chance for some much needed vacation and rest. Before we know, it will be Wednesday, August 16th and we will be ringing the school bell again.

As we end another year, we must say good-bye to several people. First, we bid our eighth graders farewell as they start a new chapter in their lives. Thank you for the leadership you have shown this year and good luck in high school.

Mrs. Joan Krohn, our long time gym teacher, is retiring this year. We had a wonderful farewell for her at Mass on Wednesday, June 7th.   We will miss her but know that she will enjoy years of traveling and spending time with her five grandchildren. Thanks, Joan, for your many years of service to our school.

Mrs. Amy Marsh Vitale, Room 104 Kindergarten teacher, has decided not to return but stay home and welcome a new baby to their family in October. Thank you, Amy, for the wonderful job you did with our students. We will miss you.

Mrs. Pam Kay has decided to retire from Creative Corner. She will still work as an aide at St. Edward School. We thank her for her many years of time and effort running the Creative Corner Before and After School Program.

Mrs. Ellen Kanik has decided not to teach Computer Classes next year. She will work for three days a week as the librarian. We thank her for the many years that she taught our students the skills for computer.

There will be many changes next year especially since we have several teachers who are expecting in the fall. As soon I have everything in place, I will send out a letter to let everyone know who has been hired, who is subbing, etc. And the dance goes on. 

Congratulations to Sheila Murphy who won a gold medal and Madeline Skrzypczak who won silver at the State Science Fair at Northern Illinois University. We are so proud of you and your accomplishments.

Special thanks to Nicole Applegate (205) and Kim Malinowski (301) for all of their hard work and efforts with the Science Fair this year.

We are also grateful to our Student Council for all of their dedication to our school this year. Special thanks to Kim Malinowski(301), Caitlin Sammon (304), Nicole Applegate (205), and Barbara Carabio (202) who were the moderators for our Student Council. The Student Council had many wonderful activities planned for our students during the year.

To our Prayer Committee chaired by Sister Shirley and the members: Kim Malinowski, Pat Weiland, Karen Valentino, Debbie Polli, Matthew Bates, and Caitlin Sammon for the wonderful prayer services and liturgies they prepared during the year.

Thanks to Kim Emigh Malinowski for her work with the Quiz Bowl and Caitlin Sammon for her work with Math Club, and Cindy Rosasco for her work with Fundraising and Hospitality. We are grateful for all of their efforts of time, talent, and treasure.

I want to thank all the organizations that do so much for our school: S.E.P.O., Megan Flanagan and Sarah McCann, the St. Edward School Board (especially Erin Naraky, our outgoing School Board President, Libby Piotrowski the outgoing Secretary, Luke Fuller the outgoing Fund-A-Need Chair, and Steve Fuller the outgoing Finance Chair), the T.R.I.P. Committee, Cindy Rosasco and Julie Anderson, Marketing Committee, Kim Danahy and crew, Big Red Auction Committee, Wendy Shear and Jen LaJun, Communication Team, Erin Naraky and Krista Dustin, Fundraising to all those who help with the many different projects that take place over the year, Gallery 43 taught by Ann-Marie Greenberg who did some amazing art work with the students. My prayers for each of you and blessings in all of your endeavors.

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank our teachers and staff for their hard work and dedication to our school. They are to be commended for all of their efforts during the year. They spend many hours doing before and after school activities and helping our students. Thanks to the parents for your support and commitment of time, talent, and treasure. You are all responsible for making St. Edward a great school!

BOOKBILL DAY: Room assignments and pertinent information about the 2017-2018 school year will be mailed to you during the first week of August. You will, again, be able to make your payments on-line.

Gentle Reminder: Students entering Preschool, Kindergarten or Sixth grade next year must have a Medical Exam and Immunization update. Chickenpox vaccination is required for Preschool and Kindergarten. Parents must complete the section marked Health History and sign that section as well. Any form not signed will be returned. Please turn in the completed Medical Forms to the school office or mail them in during the summer.

We hope you have a happy, safe, relaxed, and prayerful summer. We look forward to celebrating Eucharist with you on the weekends. May the Lord bless you and your families.


Sr. Marie Michelle, OP