Parent Teacher Conference (PTC) – Links

parent-teacher-conference_1Thank you to everyone who has signed up for PTC. Please remember in grades 4-8, you may only sign up for your child’s homeroom teacher, plus one more. Many people, with one child, are signed up for multiple teachers. There is a 2 teacher per child maximum. This is not fair to those that still need to sign up. If you need to see another teacher please email them directly. When sign-up is closed, they can let you know if there are any other openings available. Please take care of this matter ASAP as slots will be deleted at the school’s discretion starting Wednesday, October 12th.
Also, if you have multiple children in 4-5 or 6-7-8, please enter the child’s name in the comment section so the teacher is prepared to discuss the correct child. We appreciate your patience and cooperation!

Mr. Bates, Junior High English

Mrs. Malinowski, Junior High Science

Ms. Mortimer, Junior High Literature

Mrs. Sammon, Junior High Math

Ms. Rosasco, Junior High Social Studies

Mr. Chun, 4th& 5th English

Mrs. Applegate, 4th & 5th Science

Mrs. Polli, 4th & 5th Social Studies

Mrs. Carabio, 4th & 5th Math

Mrs. Michel, 3rd Grade

Sr. Shirley Stockus, 3rd Grade

Mrs. Valentino, 2nd Grade

Mrs. Malecki, 2nd Grade

Ms. Weiland, 1st Grade

Ms. Wawrzyniak, 1st Grade

Mrs. Chun, Kindergarten

Ms. Marsh, Kindergarten

Ms. Gielniewski, Title 1 Teacher