Little Free Library – Come visit!

Little Library 4


Recently our Third Grade Brownies, Troop 20057, completed a community project which you may have noticed in front of the Minim School. Through some of the funds raised by our 2017 cookie sales, our girls sponsored and completed a ‘Free Little Library’, which is an official lending library. We encourage our community to participate by either taking or leaving a book. This is a great way to share books that your children may have outgrown, or for them to enjoy a new book!

We ask that everyone:
– Treat our library with respect and care
– Make sure that books are gently used and are family friendly
– Encourage others in the community to participate

We will be working with the school to find a central location in which to store extra books beginning in the fall when school resumes. This will help us make sure we always have new books to stock in our library, and for families to donate when cleaning out your bookshelves!

For general information on the Little Free Library program, and to see our library on the map, please visit: