Teacher Wish Lists

We have compiled a list to help the teachers acquire items that they want/need in their classrooms. These are items that the teachers would love to have to help our children and are generally bought out of their personal monies. This program is OPTIONAL and there is no obligation to purchase anything on these lists.

We know that the teachers appreciate anything and everything we can do for them. If you want to participate in this Wish List just purchase something for any teacher and give it to them. They will be thrilled! Thank you for your anticipated participation in helping the teachers of St. Edward.

If you have a question about any of the items listed, please contact the teacher by email.  Please click on the teacher name below to view their wish list.  If the wish list is blank we are still waiting on updated information from the teacher.


Room 204 Mr. Chun – 4th & 5th Grade
Room 306, Mr. Matthew Bates, Junior High


Room 5, Ms. Kelly Depa, PT-3 & PT-4
Room 3, Mrs. Marie Murphy, 3yr
Room 4, Mrs. Sandy Holbach, 4yr
Room 101, Ms. Amy Marsh, Kindergarten
Room 104, Mrs. Kathy Chun, Kindergarten
Room 1, Ms. Jan Wawrzyniak, 1st Grade
Room 2, Ms. Pat Weiland, 1st Grade
Room 102, Mrs. Kim Malecki, 2nd Grade
Room 106, Mrs. Karen Valentino, 2nd Grade
Room 201, Mrs. Kristy Michel, 3rd Grade
Room 105, Sr. Shirley, 3rd Grade
Room 203, Mrs. Debbie Polli, 4th & 5th Grade
Room 202, Ms. Barbara Carabio, 4th & 5th Grade
Room 205, Mrs. Nicole Applegate, 4th & 5th Grade
Room 305, Ms. Cindy Rosasco, Junior High
Room 302, Ms. Tracy Mortimer, Junior High
Room 304, Mrs. Caitlin Sammon, Junior High
Room 301, Mrs. Kim Malinowski, Junior High

Art, Mrs. Ann Marie Greenberg
Art, Mrs. Ann Corty
Computer, Mrs. Ellen Kanik
Library, Mrs. Ellen Kanik
PE, Mrs. Joan Krohn
Spanish, Mr. Paul Minarik
Athletics, Mr. Mike Kelly
Music, Mrs. Robin Juran
Creative Corner, Mrs. Pam Kay
Before Care, Mrs. Joan Krohn