School Board

Our School Board meets nine times per school year. This is an advisory board for the school.
Please note, you will be able to ask questions at the end of the School Board meeting.

Meetings for the 2016-2017 school year (teacher’s lounge at 7:15pm) are posted in the school calendar and the online calendar.

Meet the St. Edward School Board (2016-2017):

Father Mike CroninPastor/Ex-Officio Officer

Sister Marie Michelle Hackett – Principal/Ex-Officio Officer

Erin Naraky – President
Luke Fuller – Vice President
Libby Piotrowski – Secretary
Kristin Mazanowski– Treasurer


Kim Danahy & Ann Tudor – Marketing
Krista Dustin – Communications
Steve Shear – Finance
Ken Karbowiak & Luke Fuller – Development