Parent Directory, School Reach & Photo Permission Form

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are in the process of creating the School Directory, updating the weekly E-backpack email contact list and School Reach database as well as securing Photo Permission for all students. Please complete the form below. Once finished please submit and we will be able to update our records. We do ask that you provide a personal email that you check often. We have seen many work emails bounce back due to security/firewall settings.   All contact information is kept confidential. Thank you.  Questions?  Contact

School Directory (Optional)– Informational listing of all families contact information. All families receive a hard copy of the current directory in September. The intent of the directory is to provide contact information families within the St. Edward community and is not to be shared.  

E-Backpack (Not optional) – Weekly email that is sent by Sister Marie Michelle that includes reminders and updates as to what is happening with the St. Edward Community.

School Reach (Not optional) – Alert notification system. Set-up to broadcast an emergency notice or reminder notice via email, home phone (robocall) or text alert. We often use this for last minute community reminders and No School Day alerts, specifically bad weather days.

Photo Permission – We need to ensure that all students can be posted in marketing, school pictures and social media.

Returning Families – If your family information has not changed simply add a note to the comment box with your name. We will take care of the rest.

Class Information– Please list your child’s name. If you don’t remember the teacher name, homeroom or grade we have the class roster and update that information for you. 

Opting Out Option – You do have the option to not be included in the School Directory. Please let us know in the comment box. If you opt out your family name and child’s homeroom will be listed but no other contact information. All parent and guardian information is uploaded into School Reach and E-backpack.

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List Student Names, Grade and Homeroom

Fill in student name if Student needs to be excluded for Photo Permission

Opting Out of Parent Directory Listing