Tuition & Fees

Smart Tuition provides great value to both schools and parents. For schools, Smart significantly reduces the administrative work involved in collecting tuition. This reduction in workload frees up busy staff to address other priorities and allows school leaders to focus on educating children. Many schools reached out to Smart in response to parent requests for modern payment methods, including online payments, payments by phone and a secure way to allow families to schedule one-time and recurring payments from both bank accounts and credit cards. More than one-third of all phone calls come in to Smart’s Customer Service team after 6 p.m. local time for the family calling. Those are hours that school staffs are rarely available or, if they are available, it is at great personal sacrifice. Schools and parents appreciate that Smart’s always-available Customer Service eliminates the phone tag game as busy parents and administrators attempt to connect with one another. For schools that collect fees outside of tuition, Smart’s ability to centrally bill these and collect them concentrates the handling of funds in one, secure, auditable place. And by improving tuition collection, Smart helps keep tuition costs lower by reducing uncollected amounts.

St. Edward School
Tuition Rate 2018-2019
K – 8
A/B Annual Rate Monthly
1 Child A $5,472 $608
1 Child B $6,678 $742
2 Children A $8,415 $935
2 Children B $10,161 $1,129
3  Children A $10,431 $1,159
3  Children B $12,771 $1,419
4+ Children A $11,574 $1,286
4+ Children B $14,508 $1,612
Pre-School 3yr AM x 2 $2,664 $296
Pre-School 3 yr FD x 2 $3,285 $365
Pre-School 4 yr AM x 3 $3,384 $376
Pre-School 4 yr F/D x 3 $4,509 $501
Pre-School Full Day x 5 $7,191 $799
K-AM & 5 day Preschool AM $540 credit
Book Fee
5 day Pre-K to 8 $285
2 or 3 day Pre-school $235
Tech Fee
K- 5,7,8 per child $50
Grade 6 Tech Fee plus     Chrome Book $150


*Plan A is the Participating Parishioner tuition rate. Eligibility for the participating parishioner tuition rate is dependent on a family’s attendance at Mass (75% of the weekends). If a family chooses not to attend Mass, they will be assigned the non-participating rate. The tuition status of each family will be reviewed and adjusted each June 30th and December 31st based on their Mass attendance during the preceding 6 months. With a record of regular Mass attendance, you will not have difficulty being certified as a participating parishioner of St. Edward Parish. The mass attendance record, which will be reviewed in December, consists of the regular use of contribution envelopes. You are reminded to put an envelope in the collection basket each week, whether you make a monetary contribution or not. This provides the needed record of family mass attendance.

*Plan B is the Non-Participating Parishioner tuition rate.

St. Edward tuition rates are discounted for families with multiple children (in grades K through 8) that are currently attending St Edward School. Children attending pre-kindergarten do not count towards the multiple child discount.


Lunch Fees

$110 for one child plus $25 each additional child per family if paid by October 1st.
$120 for one child plus $25 each additional child per family if paid after October 1st.

Page updated May 2018