A child entering Kindergarten must be five years of age by September 1st. Parents wishing underage admissions may contact the school for further information.

St. Edward School is a Roman Catholic that strives to teach the Faith and Christian values. St. Edward School does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, or national or ethnic origin in administration of educational policies, admission policies, loan programs, athletics, or other school administered policies. As stated in the Cardinal’s document paper, DECISIONS, “It would be a serious mistake to think that our schools are not able to make the changes needed to enable them to respond effectively to the needs of our contemporary Church and society.” In light of this document the School Board has adopted the following priorities for admission of student to St. Edward School:

A. Children of parishioners
1. Children from families with children already enrolled
2. Children now reaching school age

B. Transfer students
1. Children from Catholic schools that are merging, consolidating, or closing
2. Children from Catholic schools not offering full programs or parishes with no school

C. Children of non-parishioners
1. Children from families with children already enrolled
2. Children from outside the parish boundaries will be determined on an individual basis after a conference with the principal and/or pastor

D. Transfer students from public schools

E. Non-Catholics (These families will be expected to follow the policy for non-Catholic students)


The following is the policy for accepting non-Catholic students:
A. The availability of space
B. The desire to be educated in the Christian environment
C. A willingness to participate in classes, services, and programs which pertain to and are a part of the Catholic Church
D. An agreement to uphold and abide by those objectives and rules set forth by St. Edward School in order to effectively provide a learning environment for all Archdiocesan Catholic Schools will be in effect for St. Edward.
E. An understanding that failure to cooperate with this school policy will result in dismissal.

Documents required:

  • ORIGINAL/CERTIFIED Birth Certificate
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Updated Health Records due no later than the first day of school:

Pre-Kindergarten: Medical, including lead, along with Health History

Kindergarten: Dental/Eye/Medical, including lead, along with Health History

2nd Grade: Dental

6th Grade: Dental/Medical including Health History