• Philosophy and Objectives

Philosophy and Objectives

St. Edward School’s philosophy on education finds its’ value in the Gospel Message, and in the recommendations encouraged in the documents To Teach As Jesus Did. It is based on the belief that each child has the right to an education commensurate to their own abilities, and even more importantly, that each child has the right to seek the truth about themselves, their life, and their God.

We see our school, therefore, as a place where the children of the Parish can strive for academic excellence and gain knowledge of themselves, their world, and God in an atmosphere permeated by the Gospel.  We seek to teach our children that they are children of God, destined for eternal life with Him, and that each of them has a special role to lay in building a Christian society.  We seek to impart to our children those values that will help them to act responsibly and lovingly in their personal and social decisions.  We try to spread the message of Christ in a way that will flower into our multi-cultural Parish community characterized by service, justice, and peace.

The faculty and staff of St. Edward School strive:

  • To recognize that all of us are called to holiness through knowledge and love of God.
  • To witness to Christ not only by teaching or actions but also by their lives.
  • To encourage the development of right conscience.
  • To encourage development of the whole person with Christ as our Model.
  • To assist others to relate learning and values to real-life situations, and to stimulate creativity and clarity in our search for truth.
  • To realize the “community is at the heart of Christian education not simply as a concept to be taught, but as a reality to be lived.”
  • To build Christian community in friendship especially in the Eucharist.
  • To foster an atmosphere in which the Christian message, community, and service may be experienced.
  • To lead others to realization of their rights and responsibilities within the Christian and world community.
  • To support Christian families by recognizing the primary place of the parents and by involving them as much as possible in the development of their children; hoping that they too, will accept their responsibilities as members of the Parish faith community.
  • To be conscious of and assist in bringing true peace and justice into local and world communities.
  • To nourish educated persons who possess basic thinking skills that will enable them to express themselves intelligently with words and symbols, graphics, and technology.