Peace Pole1We provide a faith-based foundation that fosters a relationship with God that builds character, tradition, and discipline. While the heritage of our school travels back over 100 years, St. Edward has always understood that it is the future we are building. We work diligently to give each and every child an incredible foundation for later life.

Academically, we hold ourselves to the highest of standards, striving to ensure every student has the knowledge, confidence and work ethic to be the best person he or she can be. Our class sizes are ideal. Our teachers are passionate. And our students are living proof that we are doing something right.

As a community, St. Edward parents, teachers and parishioners take an amazing amount of pride in our school. The support they give to the school, the kids and each other is an intangible that simply cannot be put into words.

Spiritually, St. Edward instills the values of the Catholic faith. Care, compassion, and respect are at the heart of everything we do and believe.